Rich communication tool for remote engineers

This project focused on a full design project, front to end, for the company Zepcam that produces body worn video streaming devices. At the start of the project we identified a new potential market, focusing on remote engineering.
The to-be-designed product would be used to create an interaction between off-shore engineers and on-shore experts. To enrich this interaction, video streaming would not be sufficient and therefore the following interaction vision was defined.
Establish such an interaction as if it feels like the expert is standing next to the engineer.

Design process

The design proces was a continuous conversation between us the designers and the electronic experts at Zepcam, providing us with information concerning the sizes of components and optimizing signal reception.


To test usability and ergonomics, foam and 3D printed prototypes were developed. We tried to simulate situations to which engineers are confronted.

Set up

The band strapped around the helmet forms the basis of the product. An integrated battery is located in the back and a mount for the camera in the front with two LEDs on the side. Electronic wires are integrated within the band. Besides the battery in the back, the camera has an individual smaller battery, allowing it to be disconnected.


The design was established by an integration of various factors. Besides internal components, signal reception and usability, safety also played a big role. In order to be used within selected environments, the product needed to be designed in respect to IP68 standards, making it a very ruggedized product.