In 2013 I did a five month internship at Spirit Design - Innovation and Brand GmbH, located in Vienna, one of Europe’s most innovative cities. Due to this, many projects focused on designing for so-called smart cities that act as integrated systems.

I learned to understand this and could apply it during the various project I did with them such as an electric mobility concept (eVienna) and the projects shown here. Some projects are left out due to confidentiality.

Integrating infrastructure within buildings

In metropolises people commute on multiple levels through the city such as the underground, roads and skywalks. Connecting buildings on even higher levels is possible through cable cars, facilitating the transport of people or goods.

Smart Energy Solution

As an individual innovation project the assignment was to think about energy usage in cities. In cities most energy is used for temperature control in houses. The idea was to isolate & cool down buildings in warmer climates (using unused sides) through plants and water circulating through an aquaponic system that also allows for urban farming.