Improving immersion

This is an ongoing project between the TUDelft and InnoSportLab Den Haag. Our goal was to make the excisting simulation more immersive. Since wind plays a major role in sailing, we did many experiments on the perception of wind. Later on in the project the modularity of the product was tackled as well, which is described below.


Simulating the direciton and power of the wind required the translation of the information out of the simulation game into the controllement of the fans.


For the wind we needed a system surrounding the simulator, therefore we decided to integrate several other elements in order to make it an easy to (dis)assemble modular system, ideal for showcasing purposes.

Final design

The final design integrates aside from wind also sound and vision. Making it a complete and modular product. Price played an important role, hence its quite minimalistic design that uses standard truss stystems.