Some of my work

During my studies at TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, Chalmers University of Technology, internships & freelance work, I had the pleasure working with companies such as Daimler AG, Bugaboo & Volkswagen. Here you will find a selection of these projects as well as a hardcopy of my old work.

A bit about me

Growing up on a farm made me quite down to earth and able to see the essence of things.

Being open minded & curious lead me to study and work in different cities & countries. After my studies I decided to see & learn more of Asia in order to broaden my mind.

Because I have a broad interest, I'm always eager to learn new things, which is important as a designer since this boosts your creativity.


Design is about improving & sustaining quality of life. Products & services facilitate experiences that contribute to our well-being.

So it’s all about the user, aiming at solution-driven design instead of product-driven. These user needs are derived from context & user research, not by asking users what they want.

A broad interest in many sectors is important to create an understanding of this context and allows to see new possibilities. This is especially true for the fast changing information age we live in, where disruptive ideas can lead to exciting innovations.

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