Designing a mobility product for children

The objective was to design a sustainable mobility product for 2019 which fits within the company vision and mission. Bugaboo wanted to expand their product portfolio by developing innovative mobility related products within different areas.
The design brief placed the focus on creating a new mobility product for children to transport themselves in a fun way. An internal and external analysis lead to the definition of the mission statement stated below and the conceptualization of the product.
How to make the transportation of children for functional purpose a fun activity where children gain awareness of traffic behavior?

The logical next Bugaboo product

I wanted to design a product parents need after using the stroller, therefore feeling as the logical next Bugaboo product. In a nutshell the product is a bicycle which enables the child gradually to learn how to behave and gain awareness in traffic situations, guided by the parent as a driving instructor.

The product grows with the child

First the child is only able to pedal along, while during the second phase he or she is given the ability to steer, although the parent can still intervene or adjust. In the third and final stage the child can cycle alone by fully disconnecting the parts. Modularity plays a big role here, as with all Bugaboo products.