From the past to the future and back

This is a fictive project done for the course of Automotive Design at the TUDelft. The aim of the course was to choose a existing preferred vehicle and create a redesign for the year of 2018. I chose the smart fortwo because of its innovative character within the car industry.
First the history of the fortwo is analyzed to create an understanding of the characteristics and its vision. Then a future context is constructed which is used to alter the characteristics and vision of the vehicle, translated in a concept for the year 2030. A combination of both past and future characteristics and vision resulted in the 2018 concept.

Research on the existing smart fortwo created a good start for this project. In order to research a variety of topics a lot of insights were revealed which is usually to get a better understanding of the reason why the interaction exists as it does or did in the past. The most important aspect was to define the domain for the whole project which was defined as ‘playful and swift mobility for free & individual urban youngsters’.

In 2030 cars will be mainly available through lending systems, making it a form of personal public transportation. Personalization of the vehicle only demands a personal smart device and steering will autonomous controlled by your voice. The car has a fast yet friendly appearance which creates an inviting character for two persons to freely explore & discover an exciting urban jungle. The product characther could be described as exciting (inter)activeness.

An elegant yet small and fun urban vehicle for young people who want to fully explore the exciting city life in a simple yet agile way. The simple design of the fortwo018 lets you directly hit the streets and endlessly discover of nice spots, shops, clubs etcetera. The car literally pushes you towards the city due to its energetic design and lets you stay active.